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Combat Control School and Heritage Foundation

Combat Control Association

Combat Control Memorial 

Andre Guillet, CCT MIA, Viet-Nam

The Mark Forester Foundation 

First There USAF Combat Control Face Book

Air Force Special Operations Command

Air Commando Association

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Combat Control Owned Sites

Johnny Pantages/WinTec

Tim and Nancy Brown/REMAX, Military Relocations

John Cummings, Philippines/Margarita Station

DE "Willie" Williams/Photographer

DE "Willie"/You Wanna Buy What?   Discount Merchandise

Gordy Swayze/Artist

Jeff Carper/Defense Training

Mark Nevett/Travel Agent

Jeff Clemens/Cartoonist

Mike Naylor/writer and creator of new Super Hero Vesuvius Johnson Comic book

Kitty Schlegel/Assault Zone Innovations

Keith Haselden...... The Haselden Company caters to the Food & Beverage Inc.

Dan Packard/Military Eyewear/

Clint Randolph/Ski Breckenridge

Mike Ward & Chris Crutchfield/Rally Point

Robert "Boz" Bostwick/B-Tactical ; Be Armed, Be Trained

Ron Childress Combat Control Blog

Johnnie O. Yellock II; Motivational Speaker

Combat Control Books

Thad Forester/ My Brother in Arms

Gene Adcock/ The Bull Benini Story

Gene Adcock/ Eye of the Storm

Gene Adcock/ Eye of the Storm, Vol II

John  "Coach" Carney/ No Room for Error
Books by Combat Controllers & Family

Willie and Tess Harris/ The Tess Harris Dessert Cookbook
Tess's 2nd Cookbook/ Asian Delights

Deb Argel-Bastian/ Letters to Logan

Wayne and  Bonnie Gardner/ CCT Harlequin Novels

Mark Kling/ Be Your Own Gym; pen name, Mark Lauren

J. L. Kuntz/ Tennessee Tiger
PhD. J. L. Kuntz/ Sigmund Freud, Discourse Analysis, and the Uncanny Other
John Kuntz/ The Little Orleans Blues

Paul "Vinnie" Venturella/ Character Competence and Commitment
Combat Control Paraphernalia

Rhudy's Combat Control Jewelry

CCT Paraphernalia and More!   Click Here!

Army Surplus Command Post, Red Beret by Jim Morris; PJ
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