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   Combat Control Warriors        

This Gallery Is Dedicated To Our Lost Brothers

K.I.A. in this War on Terrorism
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Combat Controllers USAF Special Operators SOCOM   Combat Control

Freedom Is Not Free, Rest in Peace Brothers

John Chapman
Scott Sather
Derek Argel

Casey Crate
Jeremy Fresques
Adam Servais
Will Jefferson

Tim Davis
Danny Sanchez
Mark Forester
Andy Harvell
Matthew Roland
Forrest Sibley

2002; Paul Soomsawasdi, Martin Tracy, and Chris Matero Perish in C-130 Crash

Combat Control, Quiet Professionals, Slide Show

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AF Special Operations AF Special Tactics  Bring On The Rain

Air Force Cross and Silver Star Recipients
John ChapmanZach RhynerRob GutierrezBarry CrawfordDustin Templeand Christopher Baradat

Vietnam Silver Stars Awardees

Combat Control in the News
Combat Controllers; USAF Portraits in Courage
Ken Huhman   Rob Gutierrez 21st STS  Earns Decorations Stewart Parker
Mike West Haiti Relief 22nd STS Award Ceremony Marc Esposito
Tony Travis Mike Ramos 23rd STS Earns Medals
Jack Fanning
Johnnie Yellock II Randall Harvey 24th; Classified
Shaun Meadows
Ted Hofknecht Horse Soldiers 123rd STS Earn Awards Joseph A. Byrne
Jason Payne 125th Awarded Decorations Memorial Walk

Video From the 23rd STS One Two and Three

Combat Control Orientation Course for CAP Cadets, CCT Interviews, & SCUBA Training
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What is Combat Control CCT Selection School Combat Control School
CCT Officer Selection Combat Control Training
CCT Selection School AF Special Operations Combat Control School

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AST Teams; 10, 18, 23, & 24; Combat Dive School, Class 11-2

123rd Mission & Training videos, Mission Senario, CCS, JTAC, and much more!

Pictures From the Sandbox
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