Back row:  Paul Bisnett, Bobby Boone, Marty Ragland, Kenny Young, Moe Lattimore, and George McLean      Front row: Gordin (George) Hamblin, James E. Proctor, Richmond D. "Smokey" Murray, Authur P. "Skip" Arnold , and Capt Noel L. Moore with Gidget

"Gidget, the 15 month old mongrel-mascot of 7th Aerial Port Squadron's Combat Control Team, doesn't lead a dog's life.   "She lives the life of a paratrooper.  "Gidget, complete with serial number and a forthcoming rank, makes parachute jumps right along side Combat Controllers.  "Wearing a miniature T-10 parachute with a 12 foot in diameter canopy made especially for her, the female pooch has a record of 12 jumps from a C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Bob Farmer, Joe D. Willard, James E. Proctor, Jimmy T. Mobley, Harold R. "Bo" Freeman, Lonnie Lynch, Stanley P. Williams, and Billy Horton

Merry Christmas; 1964

Gidget is shown in a 1964 Christmas Card photograph of the 7th Aerial Port Squadron, CCT.

Shown (L to R) are: Joe D. Willard, Bill Horton, Bob Farmer, Gene Adcock, Stanley P. Williams, Lonnie Lynch and Jimmy T. Mobley.    Note the newly acquired berets. 

(Photo from Gene Adcock collection)

                     Insert; Japan 1956                                   Bob Farmer, Stanley P. Williams, Gene Adcock, William S.                    Dick Sigman & Adam Heller                                       Johnson, Lonnie  Lynch, & Jimmy T. Mobley

Standing; L.V. Louis, Louis Benevides, Kenny Young, Kay B. Duncan, Robert A. Fromaget, Darrel Pruden, & John R. Watts;  Middle Row; Melvin Drew, John Sheptak, Dimitrie Milinovich, and Richard "Dick" Hall;  Kneeling; Tim McCann & Jerry Caldwell

          Eddo Miller, Jim Donaldson, and Morris "Mo' Brunell                          Bob Antle HALO equipment jump
                      Jim Donaldson                                               Al Corbett                                         Eddo Miller

Above;  Bob Antle, Joe Edwards, Carl Choate, Rick Crutchfield, NCOIC John E. Wood, OIC Capt. Jerry Whitley, and Wayne Viars
Below, 1968; Ronald J. "Joe" Edwards, Carl "C.C." Choate, John Wood, Richard W. Crutchfield, and Robert E. Antle      Mascot; Eric Von Zipper

Al Hennings, David Engles, Larry Reed, Harold "Skip" Weiss, Lonnie Stewart, Donald Horton, Brian Sawyer, Bill Strain, Gene Kennedy, Skip Heibert, Melvin A. Drew

Al Hennings, Larry Reed,  Lonnie Stewart, Bill Strain, and Skip Heibert
Brian Sawyer, Gene Kennedy, Harold "Skip" Weiss, , Melvin A. Drew, and Donald Horton