The first written history of AIR FORCE COMBAT CONTROL TEAMS is now available for immediate delivery.

CCT - The Eye of the Storm, Volume 2
The GWOT Years is a story of USAF Combat Control Valor

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All proceeds from the sale of the book - CCT-The Eye of the Storm, Volume 2 - The GWOT Years are directed to the Combat Control School Heritage Foundation.

The CCSHF is a non-profit military heritage foundation. The primary mission of the CCSHF is to collect, preserve and exhibit Combat Control artifacts at the Benini Heritage Center at the Combat Control School, Pope Air Field, North Carolina. The Benini Heritage Center serves as a learning laboratory for apprentice combat controllers (students), an exhibit of mission success for active duty combat controllers, an exhibit of past accomlishments for retired and former combat controllers and a center of excellence and knowledge for all who visit.

The Eye of the Storm, Volume 2; Order Here

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All proceeds from the sale of the book are directed to the Combat Control School Heritage Foundation.


 New Red Beret Song! Gene Adcock, Book Author, Song Writer
The Red Beret DVD is ready to ship. 

Sell price is $10.00 each.

For organizations purchasing DVDs for fund raising, use these prices:

  • Quantities of 10 or more, the unit price is $6.00 each to single address. 
  • Quantities of 25 or more, the unit price is $5.00 each to single address.

Price includes shipping to US addresses.  No split shipments. 

To order send cash, check or money order to Wallace Everitt
P.O. Box 661, Pattison, TX 77466.

Songs are performed by Wallace Everitt.
USAF videos are public doman and were copied from You Tube.
Download this video here, see Wallace Everitt's page below
Included on the DVD are:
  1. The Red Beret (Adcock/Everitt)
  2. CCS Training Video (USAF)
  3. The Stand (Everitt)
  4. STS Training Video (USAF)
  5. Here Tonight (Everitt)
  6. CCT Capabilities Video (USAF)
  7. Hero (Everitt)

Gene Adcock (Ak)
1027 Isle of Palms Path
The Villages, FL 32162
352 391-1269  Cell 352 255-8156

Wallace Everitt  Video Page

Combat Control School Heritage Foundation, click here


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To Order a Brick

The Combat Control School Association (CCSA), working together with the CMSgt Alicide S. “Bull” Benini Heritage Center seeks your support of this historic fund raising project.

The Benini Heritage Center (BHC) is a museum of CCT exhibits and artifacts.  It is an integral part of the Air Force Combat Control School (CCS) at Pope AFB, NC.  Out front of the CCS are additional exhibits, including the Fallen CCT Warrior Monument.  The monument sits adjacent to the flag pole. The memorial bricks installation plan calls for extending the walkway around the base of the flag pole.  It is shown in the ground-breaking configuration above.  Two-hundred bricks are required for the ground breaking and first laying of bricks.   As of June 2009, fewer  than 100 bricks had been ordered.  The  long-term goal is to fill the entire green grassy area at the center of the circle drive.

Click Here for more pictures of the Combat Control School, Pope AFB, NC.