Name:whitney T Foreman
Comment:MANY THANKS for EVERYTHING. Rest in Peace
Name:Winston Kegley
Comment:I have really enjoyed Sgt Mac's Bar over the years. I am sorry to hear of his passing. May he rest in peace.
Name:Chris Bentivegna
Comment:Not a veteran, no personal connection to Sgt. Mac. My dad was Korean War-era Air Force. He was an Air Traffic Controller, asked to be deployed to Korea, got shipped to Germany instead, place called Kassel, which I was told was within mortar range of the East German border; he said he & his squadron mates could watch the Soviets watching them go up to work, & then again when they went back down following their duty shift. In a little paperback from the mid-80s called Air Commando by Ian Padden (one of a series called The Fighting Elite), I read a short chapter near the back titled "Combat Control Team." Sounded about like the coolest job in the whole military (there was a black & white photo of a CCT in freefall)! It mentioned that Combat Controllers during their extensive training attended Air Traffic Control School located at Keesler AFB. My father told me that's where he learned his military trade as well. So it's a slim connection, but one I've nurtured by reading about CCT & Air Force Special Tactics exploits & that's how I came across this amazing website. You men are all heroes to me & inspirations, & on behalf of a grateful nation I would like to thank you for your service & sacrifice, & especially Sgt. Mac who, it saddened me to learn, has boarded the bird for his Final Flight. Godspeed, airman, & RIP Sgt. Mac.
Name:Mike Dale
Comment:Mac was one of my instructors going through CCS. He pushed us harder and helped us learn that our only limiting factor was us. Long after I had left the service, Mac and Jill were responsible for bringing me back into the Combat Control brotherhood. I'm forever grateful for his humor, attitude and love for his brothers
Name:Carl Casey
Comment:one of the last of a rare breed sure he was welcomed home by those that went before him May he be remembered for years to come
Name:Bob Bieber
Comment:There are those people that come into one's life during its course and when they do you realize that you've been blessed. Mike/Mac was truly a remarkable person, highly professional and a consummate Combat Controller (CCT). We served together at Little Rock AFB where I was the OIC from 1972-1976 and at Howard AFB, Canal Zone from 1976-1979. His pleasant demeanor with a will to do anything for the mission attitude was infectious. After his service life he and Jill gave admirable support to the Gold Star families program. The establishment of SgtMacsBar showed to perfection what hospitality, camaraderie and Patriotism are all about. Love abounded. Hats off to one of our finest. He is remembered with utmost respect and missed fondly. Hoo-Ah.
Name:Bob Overland
Comment:Mac was one-of-a-kind, he was the unofficial voice of our brotherhood in the 90's & early 2000's. He, along with his wife Jill, built/rebuilt his life, doing everything with grandiose style. If you were lucky enough to visit Sgt Mac's Bar, you knew what that meant. RIP Brother!
Name:David Pearson a.k.a FNG LM-193
Comment:Mac was one of a kind among outstanding and talented brotherhood. A HALO pioneer and avid skydiver we shared a few great fun jumps when he was passing through McChord. He was also an avid biker with his cherished show winner Sgt Mac's logo's Harley. He joined us for two great Blue Ridge Mountain parkway rides with pre and post all night partying at my nightclub Razcals. This wonderful website is a testament to his lifelong devotion to the CCT Brotherhood. I will be spending the next few days joyfully meandering down memory lane. Sadly I will be noting those who have gone on. If you have one of his Mac & Jill Sgt Mac Hummingbird coins, give a toss and call "heads or tails".you get to choose which is heads and which is tails (his ironic joke". Mine is on my Harley and always garners interest and comments on runs. Mac, you will be missed, Alpha Mike Foxtrot Amigo.
Name:Walter "Waldoo " Willis, LM 047
Comment:Dear Jill, As you may remember, we had several pleasant conversations on the the telephone. We finally met at a reunion. Meeting Mac and you was a pleasure. Please accept my (along with with many CCTers) condolences for your loss. Fraternal love Waldoo
Name:Ron and Jody Evans
Comment:Mac was my room mate and friend since 1974. Some of our grandkids met him and swear they will never be the same. However, all of our dogs always liked him. He and Jill did alot for CCT, especially the Gold Star families. We were planning to meet Mac and Jill at the Vegas CCT Reunion but of course this will not be happening. RIP old friend
Name:John and Silvia and Eddie Drozdowski
Comment:I saw Jill's name on the reunion registry but noticed that Mac was missing. This was last night. We were looking forward to seeing them together again in Las Vegas. On one of our trips around the states, we were fortunate enough to visit "Sgt Mac's Bar". We never served together but the feeling of brotherhood was strong. If you never had the opportunity to visit with Mike and Jill, you really missed a great time. They are dedicated to unity of our community. Silvia thinks of Mac as a warrior, great artist, a big kid at heart and a great friend. We have never felt as welcome anywhere as we did with Jill and Mac in their home. They both have a special place in our hearts.
Name:Ryan Hoggatt
Comment:Hey MAC You are ganna be deeply missed I won't forget the few nights in the garage hearing stories from you and Dad. Thank you for the challenge coin you gave me as well the moonshine it is still amazing.
Name:Larry Sturtz
Comment:Good time at the reunion 20 years ago. Will always remember "Mac". Big loss. Rest in peace and God Bless family.
Name:Pete Sheremeta
Comment: First met Mac when our CCS cleared the last of our field exercises where the Hill ambushed the hell out of us and then we had just completed the confidence course. We were going to graduate and he some of them were there to bust our balls, and rightfully so because they knew we still had a long road ahead of us. Rest in Peace Mac, Fair winds and following seas, may forever you feel, upon your cheek, the salty breeze
Name:Donald L Spivey
Comment:I never met Mac but the photos of fellow CCT'S on his website reminded me of some of the best times of my life. I will always be thankful for the work he put into that.
Comment:I saw he was registered for the las_vegas reunion and looked forward to him and Jill. He was an awesome person.
Name:Jerry Jones
Comment:I knew Mac for many years, he and I were stationed together at CCS as instructors and later on the Hill . We were doing HAHO training in Germany with GSG9,and Seal Team 6 . I had a malfunction and was trying to clear it when I hear Mac say on my earphones if you don't cut away you are going to die . I did what Mac said and cut away. That was one of the things I will always remember about Mac , his calm demeanor. To make a long story short I landed a long ways from every body else. That calm voice coming over the radio helped me out of a bad situation. Rest in peace my friend and pave the way for the rest of us .
Name:Greg Capps
Comment:My first encounter with Mac - he yelled at me. Well he was my CCS Instructor so that was expected. A couple years later I went to the Hill (DET 1 MACOS) and there he was in all his glory. He wasn't yelling at me so that was a win. We both drove Harleys so we were put in charge of keeping our motorcycles and trikes operational. We spent most our days taking everything we had out to "Ops check" them. Man we had a blast. He rented me one of his bedrooms at his house for a while and I helped him re-build his hog to show status so he could enter it in a bike show. He did that every year- tear it down and put it back together. He told me he was always surprised when it cranked. I'll save some of the more "colorful" stories for another time. He was my mentor, teacher, team mate and, more importantly, friend. RIP Mac. Salute
Name:Steve Polofka
Comment:He was a good brother and a good friend. He was always great fun to be around. He never did anything halfway. It's hard to accept that you're gone. I'll miss you my brother.
Name:Fair winds and following seas!
Comment:May we never forget "Mac" the man! Kept me out of trouble, got in trouble with him, and never failed to see him smile. He left us all a little better - thanks old friend!
Name:Andy Hershberger
Comment:I'm saddened to hear of your passing without ever having had a chance to meet you in person. I'll be taking inspiration from your drone landing area and will establish one of my own here on the Lake of the Ozarks in your memory.