The Razcal’s Story

We’d like to introduce ourselves…we’re Mary, Dave & Ariel Pearson, Razcal’s owners and operators. We’ve been in the restaurant/bar/nightclub business for many years, always working hard for others. We’ve bar-backed, bussed, washed dishes, cooked, bartended, hosted and performed as stage entertainment; singing, disc-jocking and doing stand-up comedy. We’ve worked very hard to get here and have created in Razcal’s a great locals gathering spot for the over twenty-one and the perpetually young at heart set. With our years of experience we hope to offer something for everyone under one roof. Quality casual food, a full bar and a friendly family staff that genuinely wants you to have a great time and become one of our Razcal’s regulars! We feature great live entertainment, Mama & Papa Razcal, performing as “Miss-Behavin”, plus regular local bands, a “no-kidding” dance floor, regulation pool tables, darts, fooz ball, arcade & board games, and Asheville’s only shuffleboard table. Our motto is “Something for Everyone…But ya’ Gotta be Twenty-one!” Yes, we love kids and pets, but all of us need a place of our own to unwind with other adults.

We intend to be active members of the Asheville community and will strive to make Razcal’s a regular participant in worthwhile charitable events. We’re not a franchise…we are a hometown, family owned and operated business. Having done every job in the business, we understand the demands and challenges that confront our staff and we work hard to make their job fun and productive. In the end, we believe that you, the customer, are our family’s personal guest. When you’re having a good time so are we! If you have any suggestions, we want to hear them. Most of our best practices have come from our guest’s suggestions. So leave your burdens at the door, sit back relax and let us serve you a great meal, a cool beverage and put a smile on your face!


Mary, Dave & Ariel Pearson – (Mama, Papa & Baby Razcal, your hosts)

Dave Pearson, LM-193, a.k.a. FNG, always wanted to be in a position where he could open the bar up to his fellow CCTer's.   I thought he may have gone over the edge when  he sent an open invitation to all CCT to enjoy a weekend of  libations and sustenance on Davey and Razcal's, but he'd recognized we  weren't quite up to our old days of  consumption.

There were only a few of us "Wild Hog's" that were able to enjoy the invite and I was the youngest one there, which means I had the most FUN!  However, I'm sure you'll find those that would argue that point.  

Bob Bieber, Steve Polofka, Clyde Howard, Jim Hiser, and myself all drove in from the Nashville Mini Reunion, but it wasn't just to partake in Davey's generosity.  We were also on a mission to pay our respects to J.P. Lagerloef, who died a few months earlier in an aircraft accident.  

We had made plans with J.P. earlier in the year to have a gathering at his mountain home retreat, but then he had an accident while flying his ultra light.  It was decided to continue with the gathering , however, it would be in J.P.'s honor.  Davey made up some special t-shirts to commenrate our brother, R.I.P.............. J.P.

Davey also has a wall in his bar dedicated to those who serve and protect our freedoms and I can say he's very active in charitable events supporting the community and more.   I think we all ended up buying raffle tickets for the Custom Motorcycle that he'll be giving away in a few months.  Contact Dave at to find out more.

After a full day of abusing the bar, Davey loaded us all up and put us to bed.  Yes, he supplied the quarters too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                How'd I end up sleeping with Leon?