Special Thanks to Tom Royer for sharing his experience....... send pictures!

Above; Tom Royer, We were part of the NKP (Nakhon Phanom) Thailand CCT Team. Udorn did not have a team when I was at NKP - 1968
Above Right; Tom's last jump in Thailand at the RTAFB (Royal Thai Air Force Base)

Above; Border Patrol Police, MR IV, Udorn Thani, Thailand. 1968.  L-R:  A Thai General (name Unk), CCT Charlie Gomez, Colonel Harikul Samkhun (Commander MR IV), CCT Clyde Howard, and "Charlie Yai" (Agency and former OSS).  CCT were Advisors to the Region.  The general from Bangkok had just awarded Clyde Howard the prestigous PARU ring.

Above; 606th Air Commando Sq CCT, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. 1968.  L-R:  Combat Controllers Clyde Howard, Bob Kelly, and Tom Royer.  Activity at MR IV Border Patrol Police (BPP) camp, Udorn Thani, Thailand.

Above; Steve McCarthy, Tom Royer, and Bob Kelly actually found time for some "Crew Rest"

Left; 606th Air Commando Sq CCT, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.  1968.  L-photo/L-R:  CCT Tom Royer and CCT Bob Bartlett.     
Right; 1966 Keesler AFB - Jerry Gormley and Tom Royer at Tom's bachelor party the night before he married Sherry.